Well It’s About Time … A Good And Trust Worthy Steed


Well It’s About Time … A Good And Trust Worthy Steed

After what seemed like an “extra-long” Off Season, we NASCAR® fans have gotten the first two races of the season behind us now and it feels good. They have been pretty good races too, to start the year out. The Blue Oval machines have been impressive so far and our favorite team converted to that brand during the off season. So happy for everyone involved with the team, including we fans, that the changeover seems to have taken place seamlessly and it’s like we didn’t miss a beat from the end of last season through to the start of this season. Pretty impressive. Big business and big brain power at work to pull that one off with these kind of early results.

That got me to wondering, how much would it take, to see my personal favorite brand on the track again. Haven’t seen them since we saw them in the Winners Circle at Homestead November 2012 as that years NASCAR® Champion. That’s right we are starting our fifth year now without a Dodge on the track. While the three currant auto makers on the track have provided plenty of entertainment and excitement and we fans are certainly grateful they put plenty of their budget money in R&D that definitely shows in speed on the track, this is one racing fan that would like to see another brand on the track now. We would really like to see Dodge on the track again. They have a great history in the world of racing in NASCAR® and probably would be well received if they chose to come back again.
I’ve read several articles in the last few months saying that Sergio Marchionne, the CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which is the parent company of Dodge, had been quoted as saying “he would love to come back to NASCAR®.” That was encouraging to hear that from leader of the company. It was stated back in 2012 they were only leaving because of financial problems and that they hoped to be back someday.
Well, from this race fan’s point of view, “It’s About Time Dodge!” Since it takes at least fifteen months ahead of time notice to NASCAR® of intent to race, it’s about time now for the folks at Dodge to get all their ducks in a row, if we fans have any hope at all of seeing a Dodge on the track for the 2019 Daytona 500. The possibility of seeing a new Charger or Challenger or Demon or Ram on the track puts a smile on my face. I’m sure part of that smile is the result of “flash backs” of watching a 440 Magnum RT or Dodge Road Runner perform their magic. Such an exciting site to see back in the 60’s.
Well, it’s the Twenty First Century now and it’s definitely time again to see some of that Dodge horse power do it’s thing.

Years ago, I tried a Dodge truck and she has proved to be “A Good And Trust Worthy Steed.” Sure would like to see a Dodge on the NASCAR® track again. Hope so. Come on Dodge, “It’s About Time.”


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