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It was time to pick out the new fishing line for my new ultra-lite fishing pole and I had lots of line choices to choose from. Which package would I pick? This was a rare and special fishing trip that required the purchase of an out of state fishing license and since this special trip was target fishing for bream, I needed at least one new ultra-lite outfit. For my new pole and reel combo I chose a very popular brand that has been made since 1897. It served my requirements at lower than expected cost. 

Now, what did I want for light weight line? Because all most all of my target fishing for the past 20 plus years has been Flounder #1, Bass #2, Red Fish #3, and all other fun to catch and eat fish #4, the lightest lb. test line I found in my tackle box was 10 lb. and I had already decided I wanted 8 lb. test line this time and I Wanted The Good Stuff and not a price deciding factor involved. There were several popular brands to choose from and then I saw the package of EZ Mono with the SpiderWire name across the top of the package and my immediate thought was wow! I didn’t know they made mono line. I had tried the green SpiderWire braid when it first came out many years ago and because it is the toughest around rock jets, most sensitive line for flounder I have used to date and with basically no slack in the line, the hook up and catch rates are nearly perfect on flounder, so I just quit looking for anything better in fishing line for this purpose.

And now I find out they make mono line and this package just happened to say 8 lb. test. The question of which line to buy had just been answered. Check the last item off the shopping trip list and were done 🙂 . I just plain expected a company that could produce a braid line that was my top choice, to be able to produce mono line that was at the very least to be considered above average against it’s competition. Boy was I in for a treat! When the objective is to cast light line with cricket and float up under tree branches next to the shore line in bream territory this line was the cat’s meow and the strength to jerk out of the tree branches was unexpected and really appreciated because it had been quite awhile since we had done this type of fishing and hang ups occurred occasionally, ha – ha. This is some really strong line for saying 8 lb. test on the box. I cut a length of line of left on the spool and did a wrap and pull test. Takes an amazing amount of pull to actually break this line. I was very pleased with this product and wanted to pass on this info.

I was also very pleased to discover when researching the product I had picked out of the competition for this item on my shopping list, that SpiderWire was made in the good old USA in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Like keeping my money spent on USA product when allowed. Like many companies over the last many decades they were acquired by larger and larger companies. But the product says made in the USA and that’s good enough for me and after all, this was the product I spent my money on and “IT More Than Met My Expectations!”
It's Frying Time :)

It’s Frying Time 🙂


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