The Time/Life Warp Of Aging

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“Boy, time just seems to go faster all the time!” This was a comment made by a young man I was visiting with recently. In the conversation I found out he was 30. My comment to him was, “try to imagine the speed it must go by at if you were twice that age.” This caused a brief pause for thought and a reply of hmmm? Then I passed on the old saying I’d heard, that says the days go by faster the older you get. Another pause and another hmmm?

While it’s almost always enjoyable to pass on helpful hints and old sayings to younger generations who have an open mind and the intellect to actually contemplate the information that was passed on. The different perspectives one see’s on life as we age through the decades of time, if we are blessed to have a long life on this earth. From his perspective, my young friend at 30 felt seriously behind on his work even though he had worked hard and as quickly as he could. Time just went by so fast, he said.

For more than a year now, I have found interesting some of the comments of 20 year old young lady who works in the business office at my day job. Again, a different perspective from a different generation, but still, the fast time flying by comment is heard. When asked if they had a good weekend, the reply was “it went by so fast I don’t even remember it!” And this from a very clean living young lady who has heavy involvement in her church.

Watching a family member in his early 40’s deal with the “flying time” thing on his own terms. Indications are that he feels like the years are flying by and there is still so much to do and the planned road of life has seemed to change in so many ways from his youth. The perspective of life at 40 as compared to plans envisioned at 20 are substantially different.

Another family member in their 50’s is dealing with health issues and that brings a different perspective altogether, as life activities are usually based on current health status. The “flying time” thing is still there, but, it’s punctuated with calendar marks showing dates for Dr. visits. The value of one of life’s most valuable gifts, good health, is brought to the fore front and shown to have a major effect on the speed of passing time in our life.

Over the years I have discovered a few ways to plant a few mile markers just to serve as a type of speedometer and also a map of sorts, helping track the trail I’ve been on while experiencing “The Time/Life Warp Of Aging”.

One of the most helpful aids has been a daily calendar. One with big enough squares for each day of the month to jot down a note or two each day. The calendar to look back upon helps a little bit when that feeling of “where did the month go!” or even where did the “year go?” Gone so fast! Where did the time go? With your daily calendar you can catch a glimpse of the past time and memories associated with it. This note system may not slow down “The Time/Life Warp Of Aging”, but, at least you can see some of the events of the time racing by. It seems to help.

Another aid I found was making a list of upcoming events to look forward to. Since it always seems to take a long time to get to the day of an event we are looking forward to, this list of upcoming events, can sometimes provide a little slow down in the race of time flying by in our life.

Also, by expanding your circle of friends a little can add an extra marker on the time wheel as some of the activities of your friends will indirectly affect your time and life experiences. Sharing thoughts and feelings with friends who can identify with this fast pace of “The Time/Life Warp Of Aging” seems to help slow things down a bit.

The last aid suggestion I offer is a bit odd, but, if it works don’t knock it ‘till you try it. And that is, help others in some small way when given the opportunity. On our daily race on the track of life we will often get a chance to do some little thing that will benefit others, but, because we “just don’t have the time” we just keep rushing forward. Not sure why, may be several reasons, but when we stop and take the “time” to do that little help, it’s as if that time was not counted against us on the “big clock in the sky.” I have heard an old fisherman’s tale, that time spent with Mother Nature fishing was not counted against your allotted time here.

So, whatever generation you are, I hope as you travel life’s path and “The Time/Life Warp Of Aging” has you asking “where did the time go?”, you can find little helps to slow passing time just little so when you come to the end of your time you won’t feel like “you missed something”, because “time just went by so fast!”


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