I Tried The World’s Best Air Filter


Finished up a years testing on a great product from K&N Engineering out of Riverside, California. A Made In USA product that did everything the marketing said the product would do. Sept. of 2015 I installed in my Dodge Dakota a washable/reusable high-flow air filter. Increased air flow was my objective and the concept of buying it once and using it for years and years was appealing to me. It sounded a little like my product TheBladeKeeper® that never wears out and never brakes. I didn’t expect the K&N High-Flow filter to last forever, but 10 or 15 years would be appreciated.

One of my concerns when reviewing the product before, I bought it, was how difficult and messy is cleaning this filter going to be? Buying the cleaning and re oiling kit was easy,but, what about the mess and how much time did the servicing project take? What a pleasant surprise 🙂 I was in for. Did the whole process inside a large plastic trash bag, with news papers for the absorbent material. Worked great! It had recommended time for oil to soak in and re oiled several times and let drip dry on the new papers in the trash bag. The whole process was easier than I expected and I don’t mind at all the thought of doing it again in 10 or 12 months, which in my case is less than 15,000 miles, which is way sooner than the 50,000 mentioned by the product for highway use. But, Dakota does get in the dust now and then so cleaning sooner than required is just a treat for Dakota. And she does like treats … you know, like fuel cleaner on a regular basis, tire rotate and balance, etc. etc. Dakota has been a good and trust worthy steed for more than 10 yrs. now on the daily trek to work and home again, which is worth a lot to me and most folks.

So, her newest treat has been tested for a year, cleaned and passed all of my requirements and then some 🙂 .   I believe their claim of world’s best air filter my be right on target!   The product quality is excellent, it’s made in the USA which means something to me and my family, the price of the product and the cleaning kit  good for several cleanings, make the reusable product a money saver at my house. And of course let’s not forget why Dakota wanted this fancy air cleaner to start with. She wanted more air! The K&N high-flow air filter was just what she wanted and she has rewarded me with better get up and go than before. If you keep your right foot in the conservative mode for most of the work week trips, gas mileage seemed to improve a little, but that’s not why we got Dakota the world’s best air filter was it 🙂 .

A+ product, quality made to give years of service and made in the USA. What more could you ask for. Keep up the great work K&N Engineering California USA!


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