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So, you have spent uncounted hours and more money than you spend on your favorite hobby developing your new invention. You finally get right! It works! You just knew it would … if you could get right. You’ve tested and re-tested and tested some more and YES it really does work! As an inventor the feeling of success and accomplishment can be hard to describe, but it’s something you feel inside and it feels really, really good!

But, now what? Well, if you really have built a “better mouse trap”, what’s next is all that complicated and expensive stuff involved with filing a patent.  

For a working man/inventor like myself, it’s just plain scary! Thoughts run through your mind, like, wondering how many thousands of dollars a good patent attorney is going cost and where will you get the money? Then there’s the trust issue. Who can you trust? Who will help you and not rip you off? Like I said, to me, it was just plain scary!

When I started researching how to do a patent, I had question after question in my mind I needed answered, and I needed accurate and current information. I was amazed and very pleased at the amount of information Mr. Fach had on his website. Many of my questions were answered and plus I found answers to questions I didn’t know enough  to ask yet. All for Free on his site.

Then there was the very pleasant surprise at the cost of filing a patent. Mr. Fach provides the templates and information you can use to file for a patent yourself.  He also provides his services for filing your Patent at an unbelievably reasonable rate.  He is a registered Patent Agent with over 15 years of experience in filing all types of patents.  His credentials and success are impressive.  He’s worked with many huge companies, but he’s never lost the ability or desire to help the small inventor.  Plus, he’s an inventor himself.  All this made me feel even better about using his company’s services.

So, in the fall of 2014 we filed a provisional patent and in 2015 we filed our patent. Mr. Fach had been so patient with us and so helpful! He had taken the “scary” part out of the process for me. To this day, because of the quality of his work, I refer to him as a genius. He did an excellent job.

If you have invented a “better mouse trap” and want to file a patent, Patentfile.org deserves your review. If I had lots of money to chose anyone I wanted to do my patent work, Mr. Fach and his company would be my top choice. The quality of the work is A+++.

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Michael Lee Morrissey is an, Inventor, Writer, Business Man and now online Magazine Publisher/Editor/Writer. He spends his day time in the field of Quality Management. His evenings and weekends are divided between family, inventing and testing, writing, reading and study. Hobbies include gardening, NASCAR, barbecuing, fishing, golf and others.

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