O’Keeffe’s Hand Cream – This Product Works!



O’Keeffe’s Hand Cream – What A Great Product!

This package lasts a long time! That’s good because now there is two of us using this excellent product. Found this hand cream last winter and what a relief it provides for sore cracked skin. It wasn’t long before my wife Sheila D. tried some and completely agreed, this stuff is great!

This product has now joined our house hold list of supplies not to run out of. Same list has coffee, salt, sugar and duct tape and other important items. Could have sure used this product over the last few decades for cracked and dry fingers. Sure glad we have it today! Going to try the heal cream next.

O’Keeffe’s ad says relief in days, but I’m here to say I got some relief in just a few minutes and even more as time passed. An A+++ product that’s made in the good old USA. Keep up the great works folks and thanks for a great product!


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