The Working Man’s / Inventor’s Tool Store

Harbor Freight Tools wish book 5-7-16

Reminds of a “wish book” from 50 years ago, called the Sears Catalog

Harbor Freight Tools   “The Working Man / Inventors Tool Store”

“When you have to build something and you don’t have the tools and you don’t have a lot money!” 

“The Working Man / Inventors Tool Store”

For almost 15 years now, this popular tool store has been the go to place for tools I needed for new projects.

These are usually tools with electric motors and there for, at the big box stores, the’re going to be expensive!      I was so glad when I discovered Harbor Freight Tools. After buying more than 10 tools with electric motors, I have been more than satisfied with they’re performance.

I really like the Stars Ratings on tools. Also, the written reviews can be very, very helpful.

When you have to get a tool that’s over $100, that coupon puts a big smile on my face. Sure it’s nice on less expensive tools I buy at Harbor Freight Tools, but, when you have to buy a big ticket item for the shop, well, that’s a big savings!  Did I mention the tools already have low prices, for the workingman/inventor, and then take off another 20%! Wow!

I have yet to buy a tool and feel like I didn’t get my money’s worth!

Some of the comments and suggestions I have read in the product reviews, have kept me from having to take tools back for warranty. I spend time reading the reviews before I go shopping. Most times the information I gain is worth my time reading. Also many times, there are YouTube videos to watch and maybe learn some more. It’s so helpful, that lots of other people are using the same tool and are willing to share information.

In the Sale Flyers that come in the mail from time to time, it says opening a new store every 3 days! That just means that more people will have a place close to them, to save money on tools. More new stores each year is good news!

One more thing I find comforting when I shop tools at  HFT and I’m reading reviews and people mention things like, “been using this tool for years  (fill the blank as for how many?, I have seen from 5 yrs to 25 yrs mentioned on tools) and when it finally quits, I’ll go get another one at HFT!”    That’s comforting to me, as a  workingman / inventor who’s almost always on a tight budget!   


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