Where There’s Smoke … I Hope There’s Meat!

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Where There Is Smoke – I Hope There’s Meat! 🙂

“It’s Barbecue Time – Almost Anytime!”

Article – Add A Little Smoke Please … To My Meat 🙂

This Article is about barbecuing as a hobby and some of the pleasures it brings.                          

The pleasures of barbecuing start with being out of doors! That’s a pleasant change for many of us these days, as desk chairs and automobile seats occupy many of our hours each week. For many of us, the next part is just plain fun! We get to start a fire! It’s in a proper place and for a useful purpose, in fact, required in this situation. It’s always nice to start a fire. Starting a fire in a fire place is nice, but, seasonal here. Firing up the barbecue, that’s pretty much year round, if you can stay out of the wind.

“The aroma of the different woods just draws you in –  like a honey bee to a sweet blossom …”  Quote Michael Lee Morrissey May 2016                       


OK Add More Smoke Please!

OK Add More Smoke Please!

So, the fire is started, coals are flaming red, now, another pleasure time. This is when, if we’ve organized properly ahead of time, as is normal, then we just sit back for bit, and watch the coals do their job. Twenties minutes at least for this part of the process and at that point I am going to add a few moist chips and small chunks of hickory, cherry and apple, just to get that delicious aroma therapy started on the deck.

The pleasures at this point are adding up 🙂  We’re out doors, we got to start a fire, and the smoke from those wonderful woods is wafting through the air. So Nice! And the pleasures continue …

“If man obtains pleasure, safety and usefulness from fire, so to, it’s the same when his foods are touched by fire & smoke.”      Michael Lee Morrissey March 2016 

It won’t be long now … there’s plenty of smoke and the coals wear a nice light, charcoal gray ash coat. 

Well, I smell smoke! And Yes! There’s meat!  Almost all barbecues on the deck here, feature a meat, or usually two, ’cause there’s always room for Jello®, and there’s always room for a package of dogs. They make great smoked “snack samples”, during the barbecue.

Oh yes! One of those continuing pleasures, the aroma of meat roasting. The mixture of woods and charcoal in the air have been so pleasant, but, the meat is now adding it’s own elixir to the smoke, and it’s mouth watering. We know what’s coming, but, there is pleasure in the waiting. At this part of the process, things are well scheduled, depending on the featured meat. There is always careful timing of tending to the meat, which means opening the barbecue for an extra dose in the area of aroma therapy, always good, and the maintaining proper temperature in the grill for the proper length of time. Always following our written records of previous barbecues of the meat. Kind of our own cook book you might say, but, the barbecue just turns out better each time :).

There are many pleasures to be enjoyed from barbecuing and we’ve touched on a few. We will visit this subject again in the near future, as this is one of my hobbies I really enjoy. Starting back in Spring of 2011 it caught my interest, and I’m sure glad it did! While meat is my favorite item to barbecue, we discovered fruits and vegetables can be amazing! Lots more things to experiment with, keeps it even more interesting as a hobby.

“Get Out And Barbecue — You’ll Feel Better!”

UPDATE July 2016 – Oh! The barbecue’s this year so far, have been great! Some new BBQ experiences and everything! New always puts some excitement in playing with fire & smoke. Thought this would be a good time to mention again, the joys of adding vegetables and fruits to the BBQ list of yummies. If they are not on your list of tries …add them and see for yourself!  “Lots Of Food Things Are Even Better! – With Fire & Smoke Added!”     Quote Michael Lee Morrissey 7-16-16


The corn pictured (5) White & (5) Yellow  – Soaked in water (60) min. Smoke time (4) hrs. Maintain Smoke Temp of ( 275/300) deg. Place large water pan below corn   coals are offset (bank on side away from corn). 🙂

Smoked Corn July

Smoked Corn July 2, 2016


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