What Time Does That NASCAR® Race Start?


That’s an almost weekly question at my house. My favorite place to answer that question quickly and accurately is TVRacer.com online. The information is quick and easy to find, right on the front page. The info. I get is very accurate for many reasons.

One good reason is they compile it by hand! Yes! A real human checks the information, before, I get it! As this writer has been in the quality field as Quality Assurance Mgr. for more than 25 yrs., we really like it, when people check the machines/programs product for accuracy. It just produces better quality in the product.

The folk’s at TVRacer.com have, according to the copy write at the page footer, says they have been providing this information since 2003. That’s a lot of years of service to racing fans. I was enjoying a late Sunday lunch, back in 2001, and was just channel surfing, when I accidentally, became a NASCAR® fan. I can still hear Benny Parsons voice saying something like, “well, he dove in corner at about 201 mph, and he was turning about 9,200 rpm.” I stopped eating! The reason these words shocked me, was, on screen just before Benny’s words had been an image of the telemetry for the race car. I saw 9,200 rpm and immediately thought, “somebody’s telemetry info. is all messed up!” On the TV screen I was looking at what appeared to be American Brand Stock Cars. When I stopped playing and learning about American V-8 motors, they “blew-up”, at much expense, before they reached 8,000 rpm.

So, to me, unlike the accurate info. we get from TVRacer.com, the info. on the screen was wrong. Then Benny spoke the same words I had seen on screen! This was “new technology, obviously, and the ability of this new technology was awe inspiring. How was that motor turning those kind of rpm’s, lap after lap? As an hour time passed, I had finished lunch and was still intrigued by this racing I was watching. It was the July Chicago cup race, and the men and their machines just kept going. Nothing was blowing up!

For me of course, like going to a horse race, I just had to pick a driver to win the race. Not having attended a stock car race of any kind since the early ’80’s, I didn’t recognize any of the drivers names, so I picked a driver and car based on my youth racing experience that had been successful in motorcycle racing hare-scrambles. Benny Parsons called my new favorite driver Kevin Harvick, a bottom feeder. The style was working great! And then Kevin went sliding through the grass infield, and I thought, wow!, maybe a little too close to the bottom. His driving skills were amazing and he actually saved the car and went on to win the race! Wow! Go Kevin!

I was hooked! This NASCAR® sport was cool! I gained a new hobby that Sunday and I was so fortunate, my  wife, Sheila Dianne, was not long in finding enjoyment and interest in my new hobby. Now, for more than 14 yrs., we have really enjoyed the racing and feeling like a part of the NASCAR® community. And in an age, where you might see just about anything on the TV screen, racing provides some of the best in quality family entertainment, to be found today. They start each and every race with old fashion America values, like, presenting The Colors, The National Anthem and a prayer, that always gets lots of Amen’s. So comforting in this day and age.

So, long live NASCAR®!, and Thanks for the Great Work!, to the Folk’s at TVRacer.com. Oh, and as to how they keep the motors from blowing-up at those high rpm’s, I found out they use a lot of Titanium metal. That’s the same metal that is used many parts in making a jet engine! That explained a lot to me. I’ve studied that before in metallurgy. Real tough and expensive metal. Does the Job! Race on!, drivers,teams and fans!



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Michael Lee Morrissey is an, Inventor, Writer, Business Man and now online Magazine Publisher/Editor/Writer. He spends his day time in the field of Quality Management. His evenings and weekends are divided between family, inventing and testing, writing, reading and study. Hobbies include gardening, NASCAR, barbecuing, fishing, golf and others.

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