Another Chance To Be “Rich & Famous”


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“Happiness Is A New Package Of Post-it Notes®”

  “So many chances to Win!” That’s the way I feel every time I start to open a new package of Sticki Notes. Chance to Win?, you may say? Yes, that’s the way I see it. Let me explain. For the last several decades, I’ve reached for my sticki note pad whenever I needed to jot down something important! Whether it’s an idea for a new product, a design change to a project already in the works or even notes on an article I’m doing for this website. My Sticki Notes are indispensable. Got to have them!

See, I heard years ago, that you only need one really good idea and you can be “rich and famous”. Build a “Better Mouse Trap” and they’ll beat a path to your door! Sounded good to me! So, I keep buying Post-it® Notes by 3M and writing down ideas and thoughts. Hundreds and hundreds of Sticki Notes.Thousands and thousands of notes after this many years.

There is just nothing more convenient than a Post-it® Note. And the consistent high quality of the product from year to year is excellent.

Sure, we have had some success with some of our ideas over the years, our ezpool heater works great every year, and our auto-garden system is a gardener’s friend. But, we are still not to that, “rich and famous” part, so, we keep trying. One of our most recent products, TheBladeKeeper® (A tool to keep razor blades sharp longer), may be the idea to take care of the “rich & famous” part. We will see.

Of course TheBladeKeeper® started out on several sticki notes, one after the other. It’s real handy, just leave a little space at the bottom of the first Sticki Note, and then stick the next note to the bottom of the first note. Kind of a daisy chain of notes and it keeps record of your thought process in order. Very handy!

So, at this point in this article, I’ve stopped and refreshed my memory on the history of the helpful little pieces of yellow paper with a mild sticky area on the top of the back side. The original adhesive was invented by 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver back in 1968, but it was not a big hit with the folks at 3M! After 5 years, another scientist at 3M, Art Fry, tried to push the project forward with the release of “Press ‘n Peel” notes. After using the little notes to mark pages in his hymnal, he knew they worked great and didn’t tear the pages. On April 6th, 1980 3M released Post-it Notes®.

For many decades now, myself and others, have jotted down notes of all kinds. And I’m just sure, that one of these days, one of those little yellow Sticki Notes, in one of those packages of 100, will have that “million dollar idea on it”, when I’m done scribbling! I’m just sure!

Well, we’ll keep writing on our Sticki Notes and keep an eye out for that one sheet! That one in a package of a hundred that has the design for that “Better Mouse Trap”!

Post-it® Note and 3M are registered trademarks of 3M

TheBladeKeeper® is a registered trademark of Michael Lee Morrissey


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