Some History of TheBladeKeeper® – Part 1



By Michael Lee Morrissey  – The Inventor of TheBladeKeeper®

The Inventor gives some history of TheBladeKeeper® and it’s development through the years.

What is TheBladeKeeper®?  It is a tool to keep razor blades sharp longer.  TheBladeKeeper® uses our new Patent Pending Enhanced Energy Antenna™ System, to keep razor blades sharp at least 4 times longer. The EEA™ System requires no external source of power and functions by collecting Mother Earths’ natural electromagnetic energy. This natural energy is then amplified and directed at the metal in the razor blade.  More than two years of testing document, the blades edge maintains a much finer edge with less irregularities, resulting in a clean smooth shave, when used for 12 months consecutively.  

   More than two years of testing records show, the blade edge maintains a much finer edge with less irregularities, resulting in a clean smooth shave, when used for 12 months consecutively.

Some History  –  The first prototype was created in the Summer of 2011 and we were ready with the first public testing to begin in January 2012.  We needed fair and accurate testing results, so we started with people we knew and could contact for on going results.

      Our first tester was a lady mgr. at our bank. She asked my wife, Sheila Dianne, when we opened the company account for Creations Of Energy™, “what does the company make?” So, when Sheila D. told her about our new invention, TheBladeKeeper®  and that TheBladeKeeper® keeps razor blades sharp twice as long as normal, she found this a little hard to believe. But, she would be waiting for one and please let her know as soon as possible.

      So, that’s where the first test started and during the next six months we got units out to about 22 different people that promised to keep us updated with their results. Many of our testers were important people in our personal world, like, our family Dr., family Chiropractor, family auto-mechanic, family members and co-workers. You know, the kind of people that will tell you straight up, if something doesn’t work! You might say, we wanted tough customers to test our new prototype and tell us exactly what they thought! As a group, they thought TheBladeKeeper® prototype was wonderful! Everyone enjoyed saving money. Simple as that!

 Starting with our first tester, our bank mgr, the results were music to our ears. She said,           “TheBladeKeeper® works great!”  “My husband used to ask for new razor blades all the time. Not anymore! Thanks so much!”

 During the first twelve months of testing, we received feed back ranging from “WOW! TheBladeKeeper® really works! Thanks!” to “I’ve gone back to using my favorite razor instead of the disposables to save money, because TheBladeKeeper® saves me lots of money! Blades just last soo long! Thanks BladeKeeper®!” To one tester reporting, after apx. 105 shaves with the blade using our prototype, “I’m not really sure it works.” ” I take really good care of my blades and they last a long time, so I’m not sure.” To one tester saying “no TheBladeKeeper didn’t work for me, thanks anyway.” We said ok. Thanks for testing.

     Now, tally up the initial test results for the prototype TheBladeKeeper® and the results say: “We pleased more than nine out of ten people who tested on new creation.” That’s a really good  batting record where I come from! It feels good to have people say nice things about something you have created. But at the same time, and like most inventors probably, I had to wonder how I could make TheBladeKeeper® even better.

 In July of 2012, we registered the name TheBladeKeeper with the Patent and Trademark Office and received our registered mark in May 2013. Now I just needed an even better product than we had, then maybe, we could bat ten out of ten. Of course, that would be pleasing “all ” of the people “all” of the time! We had heard “you can’t do that”, but it was worth a try. And, to hear on going compliments about our prototype TheBladeKeeper® was very pleasant and encouraging. So, work on!

By January 2014, after many hours of study and testing,  I had redesigned TheBladeKeeper® and it was definitely a “New & Improved Model!”


More To Come – Up Coming – The History Of The BladeKeeper® Part 2

The testing and patenting of the “New & Improved Model !”


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Michael Lee Morrissey is an, Inventor, Writer, Business Man and now online Magazine Publisher/Editor/Writer. He spends his day time in the field of Quality Management. His evenings and weekends are divided between family, inventing and testing, writing, reading and study. Hobbies include gardening, NASCAR, barbecuing, fishing, golf and others.

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