Hampton Farms Roasted Peanuts – Yum! Yum!


Hampton Farms Roasted Salted Peanuts

Delicious Nuts! With satisfying taste that is consistent bag after bag!After 2 years of enjoying this product, it deserved a few good words. The information I found on the bag said Hampton Farms Severn, NC. Their colorful website pointed out this is their flagship product. I can see why. I was pleased to find their site also showed the long family history in the peanut business since 1917. Wow! Almost a hundred years to improve your skills in growing  peanuts. Well, Hampton Farms skill level today has provided me with a consistent tasting product bag after bag for 2 years now. It satisfies that craving for Roasted Salted in the shell peanuts every time. I have had no reason to search for a better tasting product! And that’s exactly what their website promises, bag after bag.

Hamptonfarms.com showed the history of expansion of the company through the years, steadily growing their family of products. I intend to sample some of these products. I was very pleased to find, still to this day, Hampton Farms is a family-owned business and they use 100% USA grown peanuts.

Wishing Hampton Farms another prosperous 100 years of success!

These peanuts are satisfying and if you don’t eat too many at a sitting, and you put the bag inside a bigger heavy duty plastic bag, they last a long while.

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