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Original Story Written 4-13-2014

“The Ancient Angel On Our Roof! V.S. Ivan The Terrible!”

Ten years ago this September, we were among thousands to be attacked by Ivan the Terrible,  which created a night we will never forget! This was going to be one of those disaster hurricanes that wanted to set records of destruction and mayhem!  After all, it had to live up to it’s name you know! With some reluctance, I admit to being somewhat of a veteran via previous experience, by the night of Terrible Ivan, but I was definitely not prepared for the violence and pure disbelief of the situation!

The things we saw in the wee morning hours at first light were scary and unbelievable! Unbelievable, unless you had a very firm belief in Jesus and the amazing abilities of God’s Angels!  In that case, it’s a very grateful and thankful feeling of “just totally blown away – impressed!” It’s the mouth wide open & eyes to match feeling, in total disbelief, of what your seeing. Then the out loud thought of “how did it do that! ? Which is as Christian, the thought turns into ?, how did His Angels do that! ?

Some things one see’s are just more amazing than others. But some things just look plain impossible! But, as the Good Book says, all things are possible with Him!  So, bring in His Angels and let the impossible begin!  An Angel like the “Ancient Angel”, my wife saw in her vision that night, standing on the roof of our home with his arms held out stretched  to his side. Sheila D. said,”It was like he was holding the roof down and our 3 month old roof shingles. The 20 yr. guaranteed roof shingles, she believed, were being held in place by “The Angel” ! This was a special relief to her, as  we had worked hard and saved to have the new shingles installed and she was so pleased with the job when it was done. But, tonight, it sounded outside like it would all be gone. Just like all of our neighbors. Not her new roof! No, No, she had prayed hard, I’m very sure, much earlier in the evening for protection from this evil storm – Ivan The Terrible.

Some time in the hours earlier, before she saw “The Angel”, our son John’s stereo had been ripped out of his car  dash, while parked outside in our driveway. Since many hours earlier, the public had been instructed to take shelter, just after dark there were almost no home owners outside to see the vandals doing their dirty work. This was hours before the Interstate I-10 bridge over the big bay was lifted up by 50 ft plus waves and just knocked in the water! Unfortunately, one section of the bridge, had a semi- driver who tried to ignore Terrible Ivan.  He and his 18 wheels paid the price.

Baby’s prayers I’m, sure had gone up many hours before the wind went past 100 mph. Above a hundred mph, you could hear the snapping of big tree limbs from the tops of the giant old oaks of our neighbors. Sounded like firecrackers going off! Pop! Pop! At first we could not figure out what that poping noise was. One thing for sure, no one was out side shooting of fireworks! It had been so rainy and windy outside we were sure you could not light the fuse! And it didn’t sound like gun shot. It was a different sound. So now, “the fireworks” had been going for several hours, and at around 3 am, I had had enough!  This war like tension everywhere in the air, had just warn me out. I just had to have a nap! Sleep is such a good healer and I just had to have a little rest. I knew my wonderful wife, Sheila Dianne, would keep an eye on things and wake me if needed.

So somewhere around 4:15 am, a strange noise wakes me up. What is that sound! The wind outside is blowing so hard the sound comes and goes, very strange. It sounds fairly close, but what is it? Standing looking out our bed room window with a flash light, Sheila d. says, the car horn is going off on in the town car parked by my boat in the backyard! Someone must be trying to steel the car! I thought about that for about half a second, a said, in the middle of a hurricane!? They can have it! I had to see this, so I got out of bed and looked out the window with her. Sure enough, the town cars lights were flashing on and off, and horn was going on and off. Who on earth would steel your car in middle of a hurricane? Anyway, with what we could see with her flashlight, the car was not moving anywhere, so that was good! It was at that time, I notice the big oak tree outside our window about 10 ft or so, was moving sideways! I mean left to right, back and forth, sideways! My eyes were getting much wider as watched that tree move! It was total disbelief! It was hard to believe what I was seeing!  That was a very big oak tree and it should not be able to do that with breaking over. I don’t mean swaying in a strong breeze, I mean at about 6 ft above ground level, a tree with a diameter of more that 2 ft, is moving sideways, 6 or maybe even 8 inches.  Amazing! Wild! How is it doing that? Wow! That’s when baby said, “you should have seen the Angel on our Roof I saw awhile ago!  She, had had a vision earlier and saw him standing with  outstretched arms, as if to hold the house in place!  She said, “He was the most ancient looking being, she could ever  Imagen  seeing!” I could tell she had seen something she would never forget. “That face was just something!” she said.”Just Ancient!”

Awhile later it started getting light out. Just a little pre-dawn light. But after having only flash lights to see out the windows for hours, any little extra light was appreciated. The wind was slowing down some, which was so appreciated, after so many hours and hours of 70, 80, 90, 100 plus mph winds and sideways waves of rain. Something, was not right outside the kitchen window. It was not letting in any light at all? Oh!, now we see the problem! There is a tree covering up the window, completely! As we waited a while longer for more light outside, because after a storm like Ivan, you don’t know what you might step on in the dark. A category 5 hurricane moves things around a lot! Sometimes, all kinds of things you don’t want to step on.

When it finally got light enough to feel at least a little safe from the debris, out the garage side door we went. My what a site. Oh-my… what a site!  The after math of Ivan the Terrible, first hand in our own back yard. What a mess! We lost over 14 large trees in the yard. And then we saw the tree! The one blocking the view out our kitchen window. Oh my! What about our new roof???  This big, 60 ft tall or more oak, had surely poked big holes in the new roof. But No! NO HOLES IN ROOF!  Some how, the big limbs had just laid down on the roof! The top of the big oak sticking in the air many feet beyond the peak of the house. How on earth did that tree do that! ? Then I looked at Sheila D.  who smiled and said,”Ancient Angel on the Roof! I said, “Go Angels”!  And we both said, “Thank You Lord”.

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