Amazing New Invention For 2016 – Keeps Blades Sharp


“After 4 yrs Of Testing – This Tool Does What No Other Does!” 

“Razor Blades Last 4 Times Longer – Guaranteed Money Back”

 Article – Best Tool / Invention – Since The Tool That Slices The Bread

That’s what an upcoming ad for the product says. And they mean it! The test records over a 4 year period for this product were nothing short of amazing.

Test records showed repeatedly, that blades that normally lasted weeks, lasted months using this precision made tool called TheBladeKeeper®.

The company that makes TheBladeKeeper® Creations Of Energy™, says they now have more than 4 yrs. of documented testing that show this patent pending invention can back up it’s claim. Razor blades really do last 4 times longer. In fact test records show some types of razors last even longer than the guaranteed 4 times. The tests using disposable razors produced some surprising results.

Keeping your razor sharp, couldn’t be any easier! Instructions say to place your razor or razors on top of TheBladeKeeper® when your done shaving. That’s It! That’s easy enough!

Requirements To Use This New Tool TheBladeKeeper®

The directions for using TheBladeKeeper® are located on the bottom side.

  • Place on flat surface – away from electrical plug ins and cords
  • Place (1) or (2) razors on top of The BladeKeeper® between shaves
  • Must start with a new blade
  • It’s as easy as that!

Great! An easy to use tool – that saves money. Sounds like a real winner!

The BladeKeeper® is scheduled for initial limited quantity release in Summer  2016 via the company’s first Kickstarter® project. As the product at this time, is completely artisan made and takes several hours to produce, quantities are limited.


More to come on this exciting new tool 
Best Tool Invention – Since The Tool That Slices The Bread


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