Bug On The Floor … AKA Here And Gone! … So Quick!


Re-Write of Article  “Bug on the Floor”  aka  “Here and Gone!”

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While sitting on the “porcelain throne” recently at work, I noticed a large bug on the floor. It was a large double winged dragonfly. It must have flown in the building when someone opened a door to the outside. It looked like it had been dead for a while. “Hmmm, dead bug”, I said to myself. I wondered how long it had lived. Kind of “here and gone!” maybe?  The dragonfly reminded me of a conversation I had with my wife Sheila recently. I had been in kind of a bummed out mood that day and with more than three decades of experience of trying to understand me, she listened, and then passed on some words for thought.

It didn’t make me feel all that much better at the time, but, as some days passed and I thought more about what had been said, I did feel better. I was Lucky!, because, I had someone to talk to that cared about me and because I had some time. I questioned, in the life of the dragonfly, how much time was it actually alive?

I felt like the food for thought and words of wisdom I received in that conversation with my wife Sheila D. were kind of a basis, for what I called,  a “Status Ck” and a “Tune-up”.

After I had given my “complaints and bitches” more consideration, my mood definitely improved. It turned out, that my “Status”, after the ck, was much better than I felt. My “rocky row to hoe”, was not nearly as rocky, as many folks. So then I started to feel kind of blessed. I felt an improvement in my mood again. CooL! Kind of like a “Tune-up!” The “Status Ck” had been the groundwork and now the Status” was declared better!

Stories make news every year, about famous people, “Cking Out Early” in life, “before their time”, with overdoses and all kinds of ways to leave life early. Undoubtedly, there are countless numbers of not famous people, who are doing the same thing every year and that’s not a good thing.

So, my suggestion is, if YOU are in a bummed out mood sometimes, and it does not seem to want to pass, then it might be “Tune-up” time for YOU! Talk to someone!  It’s OK!  to bitch now and then! … It’s human!

Since I believe the odds are millions & millions to one, you are probably not, as lucky as me, to have someone  choose you years ago, who is intelligent, experienced, patient and caring, all at the same time! WoW! What a Star! Lucky for me, my wife, Sheila Dianne, likes to talk and listens well too! So for you readers, you will have to do the best you can in your situation.  But talk to someone! Maybe, more than one!  Someone, somewhere, cares! Keep trying!

It reminded me of a conversation I had with a dear friend, who he and his wife have child with autism, which is common today. I felt, it was one of those situations of someone caring enough to ask questions and pass on information and education. He said, in visiting with their Dr. it was indicated that the extra stress on the marriage was possibly causing more divorces in families than people were aware of. Fortunately my dear friends are a good and strong couple and they are dealing with the situation as well, probably better, than most.

But, I had to wonder, if all couples in that situation, got to do a “Status Ck” because they got to talk to someone? Anyway, again for me, was awareness of maybe how few rocks there really were in my row to hoe!

So, get out there and bitch a little!  Maybe, somebody will care and help you, with a “Status Ck”. And maybe you’ll feel better afterwards too!  Give it some more TIME … and Don’t “ck out early”!

Good Luck and May God Bless You and Yours

Author Michael Lee Morrissey

Article Title: Bug on the Floor aka Here and Gone Date 9-21-2014

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